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Ashirvad Pain Relief – Expert Homeopathic Treatment for Arthritis

Any pain needs to be dealt with, but when it is the pain of arthritis, it can need quick treatment. The pain can invade all waking moments and can start to affect day to day living. If you need arthritis treatment, Mumbai is the place to be as they have a place that will be able to help you. All the relief you need can be found at the Ashirvad Pain Relief Clinic as we are able to treat all types of pain.

Approach to Pain Relief

There is a holistic approach when deciding on treatment and the patient is the main issue rather than what is causing the pain. There are times when the pain has been there for some time and various methods may have been tried. This is helpful in a way as it will allow our staff to know what they can cope with and whether there is anything such as depression because of the condition that may need to be dealt with.

During the examination, a plan will be set up and this will detail what treatment will be carried out, as well as the timescale. It is understood that stress can lead to pain, and there are programs of exercise and diet that will help. Even when the pain has been to a degree that prevents a person living a normal life, there will be a treatment available to get them back into a pain free life.


At times there is the need to carry out treatment in the operating theatre. When this is required, there will be plenty of guidance including CT guidance and ultrasound guidance. Many of the people suffering from pain find that they are musculoskeletal in origin and this is a treatment area in which we excel.

Arthritis Treatment

When the pain is caused by arthritis, there is mainly non-invasive pain-relief involved and here we use a mixture of medication and injections. The injections go into the muscle and in some cases, the pain will stop within minutes.

Knee Pain

Many people suffer from knee pain and often the cause is arthritis. Due to the nature of many jobs, the joint is affected and can make working and walking difficult. We believe that the quicker treatment starts, the more effective it will be. Replacements can be carried out but there is often the view that they should not be done when the patient is too young or when the symptoms are new. Knee pain treatment in Mumbai will be all that you hope it will be and you will have no problem living without a joint replacement if you let us treat you.

Each patient will be treated separately by us and we will not prescribe to the view that one treatment fits all. We encourage a range of treatments and so that the journey towards being pain free is easy, all are carried out in the one location. We offer some of the newest treatments in our pain clinic and are sure that you will be delighted with the results.