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Get Relief From Severe Pain of Migraine With Ashirvad Pain Relief Clinic in Mumbai

With lifestyles nowadays getting more stressful and preoccupying, severe headache and Migraine have become a common occurrence. In fact, studies reveal that a Migraine is one of the major causes that has been negatively affecting the productivity of employees leading to absenteeism and reduced hours of working in many organizations. A person suffering from a Migraine deals with major issues, not at an individual level but socially as well. In other words, a Migraine greatly affects the quality of life of a person, not just physically but socially, psychologically and emotionally as well. The frequent occurrence of severe pain of a Migraine causes reduced attentiveness, unwillingness to work, inability to take decisions, and reluctance to take responsibility. But a Migraine does not stop at a severe headache, it reflects various other associated symptoms in the form of visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, and vertigo dizziness. In extreme cases, a Migraine may even lead to profuse sweating, palpitation and sympathetic discharge, restlessness, and raised blood pressure. Major causes of a Migraine are observed to be continuous stress, overwork, sleep deprivation, travel, and excessive exposure to the sun. Whatever be the cause leading to a Migraine, restoring and relieving the person is not a matter of minutes.

There are various clinics that provide therapeutic migraine treatment in Mumbai, Ashirvad Pain Relief Clinic being one of them. If you are seeking relief from the severe pain of a Migraine for yourself or your loved ones, Ashirvad Pain Relief Clinic in Mumbai is at your service with best therapeutic treatment and certain results.

It has been observed that women suffer more frequently from a Migraine than men. One major cause of a Migraine is stress. It may develop from an excessive workload, fluctuating sleep-wake cycles, hormonal changes during menses, or inadequate restorative sleep. Whatever be the case, one consideration for successful treatment of a Migraine is the management of stress. The consultants and therapists at Ashirvad ensure that a patient receives the best treatment for a Migraine that helps in restoring their quality of life, physically, socially as well as emotionally. Some treatment options for a Migraine may include medication, lifestyle changes, counseling sessions, acupuncture, and subjective nerves treatment. Even minor lifestyle changes such as following a consistent sleep-wake cycle can help a great deal in stress management and Migraine treatment. Counselling sessions often help the patients in identifying their stressors and practicing self-control. Counselling sessions are accompanied by yoga and pranayama as a mode of stress reduction. The patients are taught important points of stress under Acupuncture sessions to help them combat impending attacks of a Migraine. These sessions greatly empower the patients by letting them gain control over their body and Migraine attack.

Our therapists in Ashirvad are well known for IMS or intervention in a Migraine, a process that logically addresses the condition of the patient suffering from a Migraine. For refractory pains, our therapists recommend steroid and Botox injections around the nerves and neck muscles respectively. Botox injections are a featured simple physical therapy for Migraine management at our clinic in Mumbai.

Now you don’t have to deal with your condition in severe Migraine pain alone. Contact our therapists at Ashirvad Pain Relief Clinic to get best treatment and care.