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How to identifying Migraine Headache Symptoms to determine your headache type?

Headaches can make our life difficult. It doesn’t come with prior notice and can be very disturbing. You may find it tough to concentrate in anything. Human bodies are made differently. There are many things that are different between two different bodies. It is best not to assume something when it comes to headaches. If you are experiencing one, then you should definitely see a doctor who would be able to tell you the reason. Headaches can happen due to various reasons.

It is tough for us to identify which type of headache we are suffering from. Whether it is tension, sinus, cluster, migraine or rebound. Without a professional help, it may become impossible to get rid of the pain. Migraine treatment Mumbai is where you can go. They provide help by identifying the pain in order to get the right treatment for it. Here is a guideline that headache treatment in Mumbai does in identifying the various pains that you might suffer from—

Migraine- It is very important to make out the difference between migraine and any other cause behind the headache. When it comes to migraine, the pain can be from moderate to severe. With some people, the pain is so serious that they can be taken to an emergency room. The first thing to notice in this case is that the pain will be affecting one side of the head. But in some other cases, the pain may occur in both sides of the head. Intensity of the pain varies from person to person. If it is too much to take, then the person might find it difficult to perform any daily task.

The difference in migraines is usually detected by making a simple division of two categories. The two categories include- migraine without aura and migraine with aura. What is an aura? It is referred to sensations that people experience before they start having a migraine. These sensations are usually seen to occur before 10 to 30 minutes before the migraine really hits it off.

What you might experience when you are having the sensations—

  • Having trouble in thinking. It becomes really difficult to concentrate in a particular task. The person can become mentally less alert.

  • The person may experience seeing lines that are unusual.

  • Tingling sensations in the hands or in the face.

  • Sensations mainly unusual in taste, touch or smell.

There are some things that may happen to your body before the actual migraine starts hitting you. You should be really aware of these—

  • Depression- This is something that falls under the “prodrome” phase. The person may face extreme depression.

  • Constipation- A change in regular bowel movement can be affected.

  • Yawning- You may not pay much attention to this but yawing is actually a serious sign of migraine.

  • Irritability- Obviously as your body starts to react differently, this is bound to affect your mood.

  • Food cravings- Frequent food cravings are common in the symptoms of migraine.

  • Stiffness in the neck- Your neck may suddenly become stiff with the onset of migraine problem.

If you are facing any of these problems, you should take steps to curtail them and get the right treatment so that it doesn’t become worse.