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Pain Management Clinic - Tips to take care of a painful back

An aching back can really slow you down and hamper the quality of life as a whole, but you don’t have to compromise or learn to live with it your whole life. New research has helped physicians in learning about the psychology and physiology of chronic back pain leading to more effectual pain management treatment. Also, observations reveal that adapting to better lifestyle habits and everyday adjustments can help you take care of a painful back.

It has been observed that lifestyle has immense influence on back pain. Switching to healthy habits like exercising, stretching, maintaining a good diet and perfect posture can help you get some relief from your aching back. Here are some tips to take care of a painful back:

Maintaining a healthy body weight - Staying healthy and fit is the most recommended advice to avoid back pain. Extra pounds around your belly and back add more stress causing pain in your back. Eating a healthy balanced diet that includes vegetables and fruits along with lesser processed foods keep your body weight in check and ensure your back stays healthy as well.

Maintain strong back muscles - Most commonly, people develop backache problems when they are not in shape yet switch to over lifting or hard work that stresses their back. Backache is caused by degeneration of the spine when the spine works too hard. You must develop enough stamina and strength in your back muscle with regular exercising to help your spine get the required support when needed. Being in shape can let you avoid the backache in the first place.

Stretch your muscles - Along with regular exercising, stretching is another essential step that you must follow to stay flexible and avoid back pain. Stretching also helps in recovering from back injury. You must make it a habit to stretch before any heavy lifting or even regular exercise routine. Even simple stretching warms up your body and prepares your spine for heavy tougher chores.

Maintain a good posture - Poor posture often leads to chronic backache. Always stand straight with your ears right over your shoulder and your shoulder over your hip joints which stay in a straight line over your ankles. Such a straight posture will help you stay healthy and keeps your spine pain-free. Also, keep your back straight while sitting.

Lift cautiously - Most of the time, your sprain your back while lifting heavy objects. You must bend at knees while lifting heavy objects and keep them as close to your body as possible. Also, avoid twisting your body while lifting, and wear a brace to lift extremely heavy objects.

Sleep well and practice stress relief - Choose the right kind of mattress for a sound sleep. Also, adopt stress-relieving practices such as yoga stay stress-free. Treat yourself well, avoid over-scheduling and take some time off to just relax and enjoy your day.

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