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Prevent Frozen Shoulder and Control Arthritis with Ashirwad Pain care

Have you ever experienced jolting pain in your shoulder that runs down your forearm to the base of thumb? Do you experience an inability in lifting objects and executing overhead activities? Probably it is because of a frozen shoulder.

A frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is the condition wherein the connective tissues surrounding the joints of the shoulder become inflamed leading to the formation of scar tissue inside the capsule that causes extreme stiffness and pain. A frozen shoulder may occur due to various reasons, most probable of them being a shoulder injury such as bursitis, tendonitis, or rotator cuff injury. Apparently, patients suffering from diseases like chronic arthritis of the shoulder and diabetes, or who have undergone a chest or breast surgery can also experience a frozen shoulder. Long-term immobility of the joints in the shoulder can make people more prone to developing a frozen shoulder. Another cause of frozen shoulder can be cervical spondylosis in which nerve roots get trapped at the emergence of neural foramina near the neck. In some cases, the suprascapular or axillary nerves may get trapped on their way towards the shoulder muscles. The irritated nerves pass on the pain to the shoulder.

Various treatments are available to cure a frozen shoulder from medication to, correcting the deficiencies. In the latter case, targeted muscle bursae and joints are injected with required elixir under the supervision of a USG. Sometimes muscle healing may proceed with IMS. Physiotherapy for the frozen shoulder may include extensive patient-oriented rehabilitation along with manual therapy. Patients may be recommended to visit a shoulder specialist or arthroscopist if required.

There are various pain relief centers in Mumbai, who provide curative treatment for a frozen shoulder. Ashirwad pain relief center Mumbai is an epitome of excellence when it comes to holistic treatment of severe chronic pain. At Ashirwad, the physiotherapists follow a comprehensive therapeutic approach for frozen shoulder treatment Mumbai. Initially, the patients are given a series of injections into the bursae and muscles around the shoulder. The sessions are followed by physical therapy and IMS. The IMS sessions help the patients in getting over muscular stiffness reimposing muscular dynamics and shoulder movement. After 2-3 IMS sessions, patients are subjected to anatomically guided IMS after considering their muscular dynamics and relative movements. Within other 7-8 sessions, patients completely recover from pain and the restricted movements get completely resolved. The entire treatment may span 4-8 weeks to ensure complete resolution. Sometimes, the patients with a frozen shoulder also have other major vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 deficiency. In that case, we first work on treating these deficiencies to ensure that a patient completely recovers from the frozen shoulder.

We ensure complete resolution of a frozen shoulder. However, even after complete recovery, it is advisable to seek your therapist as a regular guided exercise. Also, ensuring a balanced exercise regimen may reduce the likelihood of further shoulder injury in future. Avoiding any re-injury to the shoulder is paramount to maintain the optimal prolonged function of the shoulder.