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About us

Ashirvad pain relief clinic is a multidisciplinary pain clinic in the heart of Mumbai. Our approach to pain is holistic, with a focus on the patient, rather than the disease. Every patient with chronic pain has a long standing story of complaints, worries, fears and apprehensions that accompany the pain. Each patient also has different ways to adjust to the problem of untreated, unaddressed chronic pain- that determines the response of the individual to pain. Some are dejected, depressed, while some move on, accepting pain as a part of life.

Our approach aims to provide maximum relief from Chronic pain states, whilst trying to rehabilitate the patient and let the patient attain the best Quality of life possible. To this end, we use a number of treatment (links to Treatment offered) strategies that are suited to the patient needs.

Modern lifestyles also place a lot of "stress" on the individual, both mental and physical. Treatment strategies and Preventive strategies (links to Prev Pain management) at Ashirvad also aim to reduce these stressors and prevent and cure chronic pains that arise from these Stresses. Correcting posture, improving dietary practices, Yoga, and managing stress in daily life play a major role in alleviating patient suffering and helping the patient improve his or her quality of life.

Our Approch

Our approach, the difference in treatment that makes us successful where other experts have faced problems

Our management of Pain includes in common with other sophisticated image guided / Nerve Stimulator / Ultrasound guided, Nerve blocks (single shot).

Radiofrequency (RF) Techniques Intrathecal Pump implantations after test dose. Spinal Cord stimulator implantation after test stimulation.

All the Pain Clinics around the world manage Pain with the following.

  1. Medications
  2. Interventional Procedures
    1. Nerve Blocks
    2. RF / Cryo ablation of Painful nerves.
    3. Intra Dural Drug Delivery System(IDDS) implantation, Spinal Cord stimulator (SCS) implantation.
  3. Psychiatry consultation, counseling.
  4. Physical therapy at a separate Physiotherapy clinic.

At our clinic, we go along with this flow chart in a manner identical to the Pain clinics around the world. Along with the above treatment we also employ certain procedures not practical elsewhere. That is our difference in treatment.

The Difference

  1. Continous Nerve Plexus Blocks with an indwelling catheter. This catheter is placed in OR with-
  2. Intramuscular stimulation - This is a procedure using acupuncture needles but totally different from traditional Chinese acupuncture. This is based on an integrated approach to treat all muscle Pains taking into consideration.
    1. Based on anatomy at rest
    2. Based on anatomy in different postures (sitting, standing lying down)
    3. Based on anatomy during gait (walking)

It Works!

  1. Most/All Pains that are feel come from muscles BUT TO DATE THESE PAINS ARE SECONDARY OR UNIMPORTANT BY MOST DOCTORS however, we believe and see on a daily basis that Pains are felt only because muscles cause the Pain, feel the Pain when muscles are treated by IMS (see link) not only do the Pains disappear, but also many future Pains are aborted.
  2. We believe that IMS, added to nerve blocks and done in a highly scientific manner is the “Philosopher’s Stone” of all Pain management.
  3. Physiotherapy with this belief, we optimize the positive results of IMS with a kind of Physiotherapy that targets specific muscles involved in the production and maintenance of pain. Thus the physical therapy prescribed at our clinic is administeredby a Physiotherapist, understands what we the pain specialists are doing and plays a pivotal role in pain relief instead of the supplementary role played by physical therapists elsewhere.

    The Physiotherapy stretches the shortened pathological painful muscles that have been relaxed by IMS. This strech is impossible (because of pain) without the relaxant effect of IMS. The level of relaxation achieved by IMS is impossible to achieve with Pain Killers, relaxant medication and even with nerve blocks. The Physical therapy includes many Asanas from yoga and certain Pranayamic practices that are extremely useful in head face neck pains.

    Yoga has been devised by ancient rishis of India who believed that only a “healthy body could alone house a happy mind” to that goal they have developed the Asanas of yoga which target even the muscles in the remotest, deepest corners of the body that we find are major causes of chronic, intermitted severe pain. Eg; -The muscles suboccipital triangle of neck in migraines, Levator scapulae muscles in neck and shoulder pains.