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How to identifying Migraine Headache Symptoms to determine your headache type?

Headaches can make our life difficult. It doesn’t come with prior notice and can be very disturbing. You may find it tough to concentrate in anything....Read More

Pain Management Clinic - Tips to take care of a painful back

An aching back can really slow you down and hamper the quality of life as a whole, but you don’t have to compromise or learn to live with it your whole life....Read More

Prevent Frozen Shoulder and Control Arthritis with Ashirwad Pain care

Have you ever experienced jolting pain in your shoulder that runs down your forearm to the base of thumb? Do you experience an inability in lifting objects....Read More

Ashirvad Pain Relief – Expert Homeopathic Treatment for Arthritis

Any pain needs to be dealt with, but when it is the pain of arthritis, it can need quick treatment. The pain can invade all waking moments and can start to affect day to day living...Read More

Get Relief From Severe Pain of Migraine With Ashirvad Pain Relief Clinic in Mumbai

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Ashirvad Pain Relief Clinic- Avail Effective Pain Relieving Treatment From The Leading Pain Care Center

Our fast paced lifestyles have led to so many health problems especially the Pain in the joints. This has led to the emergence of the special pain clinic in Mumbai, treating problems for patients. ...Read More

Pain Relief Clinic in Mumbai - An Excellent way to reduce Pain stress.

Pain Relief Clinic in Mumbai - An Excellent way to reduce Pain stress. ...Read More

Let’s Forget the worries just visit once and Relive Your Pain..!!

Between all the parts of our body, the back, buttocks and shoulder areas are the most prone to accumulating tension. This is either caused by bad posture, stress or injury. Aches and pains in these areas can be annoying, especially when left untreated...Read More