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Contidions Treated


The coccyx is named after the Greek for cuckoo, because someone suggested that the coccyx looks like a cuckoo's beak. Not very helpful for the 99% of the population that has no idea what a cuckoo's beak looks like. Dynia means chronic pain. Coccidynia is a term that refers to chronic pain in the coccyx or tailbone or the tip of the lower end of spine . The pain makes sitting very painful but later even standing and walking may make the pain worsen. Coccyx pain is often caused by falling backwards or by childbirth, though the cause of pain is unknown in about a third of cases. There are effective treatments available, and the great majority of sufferers can be cured. You're not alone, and you're not going mad!

Hitherto it has been considered to be a difficult condition to treat with medications, nerve blocks, physical therapy and even massage . However at Ashirvad, we use a combination of A single block of the nerves or in recalcitrant cases a continuous block that extends for a few days along with IMS has shown consistent positive results.