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Contidions Treated

Pains after Stroke, Phantom Pains etc.

When a person gets a stroke the muscles are paralysed with the muscles completely flaccid for about 2-3 weeks. Later as the muscles slowly start recovering the flexor muscles return earlier and stronger with the resulting flexor posture . Once developed these become fixed contractures . these contractures can be extremely painful. The only way to relieve these pains are with IMS, or Botox or oral or intathecal baclofen. We have used all these three modalities successfully. Successive sessions of IMS relieves the pain, relaxes the muscle to achieve a gradual release of contracture. With later physiotherapy targeting specific muscles, resumption of functionality to the upper and lower extremities.

Painful medical disorders like neuropathies

Painful and painless Spasticity from causes like

Dystonias- These patients benefit tremendously from IMS

• Cerebral palsy
• Other spastic conditions in children

We have had a singular success in these three conditions . Unfortunately our number has been limited by a lack of reference of patients to us. Most of the patients have been those who cameto us by word of mouth. We hope that that these patients will seek us rather than wait for a reference

Some unusual conditions which may have no pain but manifest with certain problems secondary to muscle spasm or spasticity. We believe that local spasticity

• Vertigo ( we discovered the efficacy of IMS quite accidentally but we have been using it successfully to relieve the condition within a day or two. Many doctors, celebrities , business tycoons and union cabinet ministers have benefited from this treatment and continue to do well till date.
• Tinnitus: a very difficult symptom which has benefited some of our patients. Our numbers have not been many but the results are encouraging
• Hiccoughs Some patients with incapacitating hiccoughs have benefited from treatment at Ashirvad