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Ashirvad pain clinic is a one stop destination for chronic pain. We offer different treatment modalities under one roof.

Operation Theatre

There is an operation theatre for performing procedures under clean and safe conditions. The theatre is equipped with an anesthesia machine prepared for emergencies- so that the patient gets the best and safest treatment possible. A Phillips monitor for ECG oximeter and blood pressure monitoring during procedures . We also have a finger oximeter for other emergencies. Central piped oxygen foor uninterrupted supply as well as several oxygen cylinders for standby are available though most of our procedures are performed in awake patients under local anaesthesia. As a part of patient safety measure we also have a defibrillator

Procedures are performed with Fluoroscopy guidance with our Siemens C arm machine, or ultrasound guidance with our Sonosite S- SMK machine ( first installation in India in 2009) that helps accurately identify anatomical structures like nerves muscles etc. The accuracy is also enhanced by the use of a Nerve stimulator( Stimuplex Braun ) and stimulating catheters ( Arrow) that help in accurately localizing nerves . These adjuncts help to pick up exact causes of the pain, that help pick up exact causes of the pain. In addition, we have a Radiofrequency generator ( Nuerotherm from epimed) that helps us selectively and safely burn or ablate nerves, that are responsible for generating unbearable chronic pain from facets from sympathetic ganglia without damaging surrounding normal tissue. There is also Ozone generator - A german high precision machine with very accurate delivery of pure ozone.

Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

Treatment Rooms

The treatment rooms ( 5 rooms with 10 beds ) help to perform minor procedures like dry needling, intramuscular stimulation, and physical therapy modalities that help the patient to relax comfortably and receive the best possible care under one roof, before leaving for work, or resuming their daily activity.

Treatment Rooms Treatment Rooms

Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercises, advanced manual therapy is performed for every patient , treatment with different modalities including Ultrasound, Laser, IFT, ( Interferential current delivery machine) TENS ( transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine. We also give it out for home trial in selected patients ) form an important armamentarium in battling chronic pain.

Ashirvad Pain clinic offers a number of treatment strategies that are used in combination to suit the needs of the patient. The ultimate aim of the treatment strategies is to reduce the pain significantly, which allows the patient to resume his or her role in society, and function to the best of the patient's ability.

Treatment strategies at Ashirvad have been enumerated below. These are meant for only for outlining the different procedures possible, and may not be construed as medical advice. For details regarding the treatments, please feel free to contact us.

Physical Therapy