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Mr " I " Story

Amidst palaces though we may roam, there is no place like home

" Mr I, a widower was admitted in hospital bedridden with pain from hyper nephroma. We placed an epidural port ( a fine catheter in the epidural space connected to a system under the skin called port) which allows the patient to move freely. Once this was in place he was very comfortable, started walking and finally went home. However some well wishers who visited him at home to go to a hospice for better nursing care. We were surprised to see him back within a week for a refill he told me" doc, the hospice is very nice, beautifully furnished, garden very nice the personnel very kind and caring. BUT 2 patients of my neighbouring beds died within a week. , I have no pain or suffering with this port and it is very difficult to be reminded of death and suffering on a daily basis. I would rather stay in my humble room and think how nice things have been in my life” He lived for 6 months thereafter at home passed on peacefully in his sleep.