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Home Care Services

Sandhya Ashirvad Services

Sandhya Ashirvad aims to provide “hospice like” services at home for cancer patients, particularly those in the twilight of their lives . The seeds of the idea were sown by our experience with the following patients.

Our experience showed us with the presently prevalent lacunae in cancer pain manaqgement . We realized that most patients feel as if they retain control over their life when at home with family in familiar surroundings. Family members too wish to be involved in rendering service to their beloved, particularly as this precious time will never come again.

Often patients came to us in severe pain, the relatives distressed with a pervading sense of helplessness. Reassurance , a few medications or a nerve block, would return the smile to the patient’s face, and relief to the family . The patient and family seem to realize that henceforth, meaningful help will only be a phone call away. Then of course there would be many phone calls and home visits by our personnel. But this ensures that the patients remain comfortable in their homes amidst loving family, settle their affairs and plan their departure in peace. Most importantly the realization that they can be in control of their life as well as its end empowers them and the family.

We are palliative care professionals, a team of specialist doctors, nurses, social workers and associated health professionals (as outlined below).This team has been working alongside GPs, cancer surgeons, radiotherapists and chemotherapists. This care is aimed at pain management to be sure that patient s get the best care possible. This is in addition to other support agencies who manage your day to day treatment. Our aim is to help you to achieve and maintain your maximum potential at your home,, however limited this may be as a result of your disease. We are mindful of the fact you are facing the reality of a life threatening illness and that it is a traumatic time for you and your loved ones.