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Cancer is a debilitating disease that places tremendous strain on the patient and the family. The patient suffers the disease and its treatments but the family suffers equally by having to watch helplessly as their dear one goes through the suffering.

After attending to hundreds of such patients over the years in our pain relief clinic we have found that

  1. Pain, which causes the maximum suffering in cancer, gets the least attention. Our cancer hospitals are full of surgeons, radiotherapists and chemotherapists but hardly any pain specialists.
  2. By the time the patient has come to a terminal stage, none of the above specialists have much to offer as they have already reached the end of their treatments and yet the cancer marches on.
  3. Therefore the patients have nowhere to turn for the management of
    1. Pain management
    2. Nutrition
    3. End of life situation
    4. Myriad other problems that appear minor to doctors but are very major indeed to the patient e.g. constipation.

YET, this is the most valuable period in the life of a cancer patient. The accumulated wisdom of a lifetime to be passed on to the next generation as the patient takes his leave from life. The patient has to be made comfortable with optimum management of pain, nutrition and their mental status

We have been dealing with the above problems and it is our firm conviction that

  1. No pain is untreatable. Every type of pain seen in cancer patients can be reduced to a negligible level with the various treatments available with us.
  2. Nutrition is a very important problem because patients have no wish to eat but need the energy. On the other hand the cancer is eating away at their resources.
  3. Psychological issues can be addressed very well by putting the issues in their proper perspective so that both the patient and the family learn to gracefully accept the inevitable.
  4. Home is where the patient is happiest. The least that we as medical personnel and you as family can do is to keep the patient at home in personalized familiar surroundings rather than a cold impersonal hospital or a hospice. But with a knowledge of how to manage a sick person at home.

We have been able to cater to the above by a judicious mix of medications, Interventional procedures, parenteral and enteral nutrition and counseling at home to several of our patients.