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Between all the parts of our body, the back, buttocks and shoulder areas are the most prone to accumulating tension. This is either caused by bad posture, stress or injury. Aches and pains in these areas can be annoying, especially when left untreated. As time goes by, it can even lead to a more serious health problem. The best way to relieve tension in these areas is through massage.

There are different types of massage that you can employ to relieve tension and stress. But perhaps the most popular is the Swedish massage. If you have back pain, Swedish massage would be perfect.

This type of massage involves a combination of different strokes such as:

  • Rubbing
  • Stroking
  • Kneading
  • Pinching
  • Wringing
  • Rolling the flesh

Whatever the stroke is, the ultimate goal is to alleviate pain, tension and stiffness and in the process result to more a more relaxed muscle group. The massage therapist must know the type of strokes that he or she needs to employ in certain muscle group so as to achieve optimum results. If applied improperly you may suffer from more body pains and tension instead of relieving the said problem.

Massage therapy does not only relaxes or eases muscle tensions. Massage therapy offers a lot of other health benefits that many people are not aware of. When you regularly get a massage, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Increase sense of relaxation
  • Improves digestion and elimination and in the process improve your immune system
  • Improves lung problems because massage therapy has the capacity to de-congest lungs
  • Enhance blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Improves blood flow towards vital organs
  • Hastens repair of damaged tissues

The Swedish massage usually begins in the spine and its supporting muscles. Effleurage strokes may be employed on the back. This is also followed by deeper strokes. The said strokes aim to release tension that is accumulated in the muscles alongside a person's spine. The areas between the shoulder blades are also one of the targets of this type of massage because tension and stiffness also accumulate there. Pressure is likewise applied slowly as these are delicate areas.

When a person gets a stroke the muscles are paralyzed with the physique completely flaccid for about 2-3 weeks. After that the muscles slowly start to get better the flex or muscles return former as well as stronger with the resulting flex as well as posture. Once developed, these become permanent contractures. These types of contractures can be extremely painful. The only one way to mitigate these pains is with the IMS, or the Botox or the oral or intathecal baclofen. You have utilized all these three modalities productively. Consecutive sessions of IMS relieves the pain, unwind the muscle to attain a gradual release of contracture. When it comes to massaging the buttocks, the knuckles and elbows are usually used. The strokes are also leisurely as wellas carefully employed. The Post Surgical Pain Treatment Mumbai must likewise get nonstop feedback from you to make sure it's not causing you any pain you can't tolerate.