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Preventive Pain Management

Some of the major causes of employee productivity, work absenteeism and loss of man hours at work are due to issues related low back pain, neck pain and migraine.

Achievers are those employees who maximize their contribution to the growth of an organization. He or she is a person who is a sensitive individual with high intelligence, willing to work for unlimited hours, ready to shoulder responsibility, able to take independent decision and ready to go that extra mile. However these personality traits are the key reasons for irregular and long working hours, lack of rest which culminates in a stressful personal and professional life.

Stress expends to our body as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, acidity, and spondylitis with low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, migraine and ultimately slipped disc in the low back and neck.

Most of our low back and neck pain patients belong to dynamic group of young achievers, working relentlessly in their offices in pursuit of high goals and standards that they have set for themselves. From our experience, we have realized that many of these serious pain related problems could have been easily averted with certain preventive techniques in pain management. Hence our initiative is aimed at picking up the back pain related disorders in their latent/initial stages and correct them to help these high achievers realize the fruition of their goals lead a productive and pain free life.

We, at Ashirvad Pail Relief Clinic have realized that seemingly innocuous back and neck pains are the harbingers of disc and facet related problems in the continuum of back/neck pain disorders. We can help you overcome these problems with a myriad variety of simple therapies from trivial lifestyle adjustments like sensible diet as it pertains to pains, Innovative physiotherapy exercises with a major input/modification from yogic asanas, pranayamic practices aimed towards stress management etc, to active treatment regimens like Acupuncture and/or IMS that can nip the problem in the bud as well as circumvent future catastrophes.

We are actively trying to interact/inform/educate HR personnel of major organizations about these facts so as to form a regimen of pain prevention.

Ashirvad Pain Relief Clinic is committed towards a preventive approach that could avert many major non-curable problems in the offing.