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My 6 year old daughter was in too much pain. She had a deformed left arm after an uneventful accident. She had stiff muscles on her left arm and wasn't able to use her ring finger normally. Each day for an hour during the physiotherapy session she would be crying, which was unbearable. I had lost hopes of my daughter being able to do her physiotherapy without pain. Each passing day felt like an age in itself. That's when I got to know about Dr.Lakshmi Vas's, Ashirwad pain relief clinic. Dr.Lakshmi's treatment made a huge difference to her with 15 days time. Now she is able to do her physiotherapy without much pain and also is able to use her ring finger to a great extent. I am grateful to Dr.Lakshmi for all her personal attention and care. Even her team has been very caring and supportive. Personally, I want to say that Dr. Laxmi is very generous and kindhearted. She is very affectionate lady, who has the power to heal. Thanks a ton-Dr.Lakshmi.
We are grateful to Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj (the world renowned spine specialist) who asked me to approach you for my back pain due to spine problem. After every doctor suggested operation you took up the challenge and treated me with your magical needle and I could resume my singing profession which demands our sitting on the floor. Off and on, when we overdo the sitting and practice resulting in pain in the lower and even in the neck. Your magical needles always take care of the pain. May God give you more power to help those who come to you in agony of pain and you help them with your magical hands and those needles.
-Rajendra Mehta
After having had 3 vertebra compressed fractures and gone through vertibroplasty a few months earlier, and substantial relief still eluding me, I was receptive to the idea of alternative treatment and willing to give it a shot. Providentially, Dr Lakshmi Vas and her pain management/relief specialty treatment and technique came up for consideration. After favorable evaluation, it was decided to go ahead with it. In all, I have taken 14 sessions of IMS with Dr. Vas with rewarding outcome. Initially it was a new concept and a new treatment for me but her soothing explanations and patient and friendly approach encouraged me and I felt confident and assured of a successful outcome.The post treatment, I feel much diminished intensity and considerable relief from pain and discomfort.
- Hansa D
Acute slipped disc “I was lucky to reach Ahirwad the first day I had a slipped disc. They enabled me to get back to work in 3 weeks, within 5-6 weeks travel overseas and put in 16 hours of work. Best part is that I am painfree.
- Abiraam, (Back Pain)
After one year of slipped disc, I was in pain, off work and disheartened. I got treated at Ahirwad for two years and now am back to 14 hours of work days and no pain. I wish I had gone there earlier.
-Aditya, (Back Pain)
After epidurals and surgery for slipped disc in the US, I was still in pain and bedridden. After I returned to India, I went to Ahirwad. Two months later I was back to work in US – painfree! Now two years later, I don’t know what pain is. With a full active life.
-Ameesh, (Back Pain)
After a trauma, even after the bones healed, the pain, swelling and stiffness made my hand useless. I came to Ahirwad. One month of treatment and my hand is agile and useful even after a year.”
-Innocent, CRPs/RSD
After knee replacement, my knee was painful, stiff and swollen. I was referred to Ahirwad and a month later, I am walking painfree.
Chronic pancreatitis left me with severe abdominal pain, weight loss or years. After treatment at Ahirwad, I am comfortable, can eat and have gained weight.
-Rajesh, (Chronic Abdominal Pain)
After 25 years of swallowing medicines, my migraine was dominating my existence. After 3 months of treatment at Ahirwad, I controlled the migraine instead of the other way round.
-Mrs. Krishna, Severe Migrane)
My constant struggle with early morning hammering headaches seems to be a distant memory after I began the IMS treatment here. From 2 to 3 times in a week it has now come down to about once a month. Further after a slip-disc I was unable to sit without a small pillow propping my lower back. Just after 1 session of IMS on my lower back, I have not used a cushion for my back in the last 3 weeks.
-Roopa, (Cervical Spondylosis of Neck)